Thursday, June 22, 2006

Summer's Upon Us

Well it seems that we've finally reached the point in this season of no return. The temperatures will stay above the 70 mark through the night and the A/C is keeping the bedroom cool enough to use a blanket!

So too, the menus at home lighten up somewhat. But this week I did roast a boneless leg of lamb that's been around in the freezer. Made a quick reduction of stock and white wine with fresh thyme to drizzle over the slices and we had green and yellow zucchini toasted orzo with parmesan for our side dish! The veggies came from Young's farm in Brookville, Long Island, that we used to visit regularly when in Glen Cove. Also got some greenhouse tomatoes there that were surprisingly good. Not like true August beefsteaks but nicer than anything shipped in! Tomorrow's dinner will be more of the Lamb mixed with sauteed Mushrooms and Red Onion on Pita Bread and fresh Tzatziki, using Greek Yogurt and English Cukes, and maybe some Sundried Tomato and Lemon Zest Couscous! Tonight we had roasted corn, from Florida, with our burgers and salad. Last night was just a huge plate of salad, roasted golden beets, potatoes, green beans, roasted red pepper, hard boiled egg, crispy bacon, slices of left over London Broil, Campari Tomatoes and dressed with Honey Mustard dressing.

Have been scouring through the summer issues of the food mags and have a list longer than summer itself of recipes I want to try! I'm really into adapting lots of the Grilling recipes for my indoor cast iron grill pan this year! We've enjoyed a few nice things on it already, steaks and lamb chops and of course chicken breasts.

Have been thinking it's time for a party, something with a theme, and lots of cool summertime foods. Maybe Greek? Definitly Middle Eastern! Do a variety of salads with Mid-Eastern twist--serve some sliced cold chicken that was roasted with garlic, lemon and oregano--Israeli Couscous and roasted vegetable salad--Cucumber salad--Shrimp marinated in Horseradish Mustard--Octopus salad--strips of rare Tenderloin of Beef with lemon caper dressing, platter of cheeses and garlicky hummus with toasted pitas! Minty Iced Tea, Proseco, and Sangria for refreshment. Desserts, whatever will I make? Baklava? Lemon Ice? Both? More? Stay tuned I'm sure there'll be dessert drama!

I'm off to add to the list of recipes I want to try, Cooking Light just arrived!

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