Thursday, June 03, 2010

Greek Meal on Northern Blvd!

We had dinner plans with our daughter and son-in-law tonight and she suggested we try a restaurant she's passed a million times not far from their apartment.  We went to Sala on Northern Boulevard in Auberndale, Queens.  The approach to the restaurant is very odd the building looks like a large house with a grand entrance and a walled courtyard in front.  As you enter through the open iron gates you realize that the courtyard is set up for outdoor dining.  A server met us and asked if we preferred to eat indoors or out.  We chose to eat out as it was a wonderful low humidity evening in Queens.  We sat a a table for four near the staircase that led to the interior sections of the restaurant. 

We perused the menu and noticed many things we'd enjoy.  They have a page of 10 for 10.  They have ten of their entrees available for $10 and will add an appetizer platter of cheese pies and house salad for an additional $4.95.  We chose to order appetizers and share.  First lesson: their appys are similarly priced to their entrees and as it turns out they are huge servings.  We shared a plate of mussels, a sampling of 5 traditional cold spreads w/grilled pita triangles, eggplant and zucchini chips and grilled portabella mushrooms over field greens.  Every dish was outstanding and way more food than we expected.  I was figuring that the entrees had to be smaller!  Wrong! 

Our entrees were another plate of Mussels with the tomato/feta sauce and orzo; Lemon Chicken; Shishkebob; Pastichio.  The food was tasty, beautifully plated and abundant.  All but the mussels had a side of rice.  We had the leftovers wrapped to go.  After a lengthy discussion we determined there was very little room for dessert.  But one baklava and some coffees were in order.  By the time the waiter returned to take our order somehow we were ordering yogurt with black cherries and honey.

When our waiter returned to the table he had 4 desserts!  He announced to us that two were on the house!  We shared them, even though we said we didn't need them!  So we had Chocolate Mousse cake and Apple Strudel that were both out of the world, now the two we ordered were excellent and met their expectations but these two tasted were wonderful additions, took home the balance of the chocolate and the baklava.

They have a short wine list with some excellent choices, and a majority of them available by the glass.  A special drink list had a nice variety including the Mojito that was enjoyed by our daughter.
I did glasses of Sauvignon Blanc and Nana had Malbec.  Son-in-law indulged in his once a year Heineken.  It was a great evening, good company great food, good service, perfect surroundings, great weather, what more could you ask for?

Our plan to return includes drinks and tons of appetizers!  And maybe share an entree!  Went on our own volition without and preconceived notions, no read reviews in hand or recommendations of previous diners. This always makes it a great find! 

Go, enjoy, be prepared to bring food home!!

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